The BudgetLetter

(n) The best thing to happen to sneakers. Ever.

What is the BudgetLetter?

The BudgetLetter is a service that allows you to buy kicks AS LOW AS $1.00. Before you press the back arrow and assume this can’t be real, read on... It will be worth your time. The BudgetLetter is a subscription service that is $9.99 a month, or $3.99 a week. With this small fee, we are able to give you unbelievable deals! You can save AT LEAST $20 on each pair you buy. All of the products we sell are guaranteed 100% authentic! You can even check out our customer reviewscustomer reviews.

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How can the BudgetLetter benefit you?

Let's say you are looking to buy the Jordan 11 "Legend Blue". Let us help you out by giving you an example down below:

Not buying with KicksOnABudget
That is savings of nearly $140, on just ONE pair of shoes! You can NOT beat this!
Price on eBay:$270 + Shipping
Total price on eBay:Nearly $300
Buying with KicksOnABudget
Legend Blue 11 Price:$149.99
Total BudgetLetter Price:$164.98

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What KicksOnABudget offers you:

Access to large weekly restocks

Chance at getting our weekly $1 shoe

The best customer service you will find in any business. We are available through everything! Text, Phone, Email, Social Media, we are always just a message away.

*Please refer to the FAQ for more*
  1. Register with KicksOnABudget
  2. Sign up for either a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription ↓
  3. *You will be redirected to PayPal, if you do not have PayPal you can pay with any major debit/credit card.*
  4. Browse the Shop section, you can purchase anything on that page once you subscribe.
  5. Browse the Restock Preview (We update it weekly so you always know what is coming on the next restock)
  6. Every single Friday, we restock tons of new steals, and at least one pair of kicks for $1!