Refund Policy

*Subscription fees are non-refundable. If you do not use the service you purchased it can not be refunded. Any PayPal claims/disputes opened against KicksOnABudget will be automatically seen as fraudulent and will be canceled. Our subscription fee is an intangible service, not a product. Once you purchase the subscription, the service is complete and non-refundable.*
For New Items:
We do not offer refunds on items that are sold as "Brand New or Deadstock". All items sold as brand new are in perfect condition and may have Nike factory flaws that we have no control over, we do not make the shoes.
For In Cart Services:
We give absolutely no refunds on an In Cart Service if we are successful. We do give 100% refunds if we fail to get the item in cart (we have a log that tells us exactly what happens on each account as proof of what time the item was carted and what time the text was sent out to log in). If we get the item in your cart, there is no refunds whatsoever, our job is to perform the service of getting it in your cart, it is your job to check out.
Early Cancellation Fees for In Cart Services:
There is a 20% fee for Early Cancellation of an In Cart Service. If you cancel before the scheduled release date, you will NOT get 100% back, you will only be entitled to an 80% refund.
Refunds on Used Items:
By buying a used item you are agreeing to the fact that it is not brand new and is not in brand new condition. There can be signs of wear. All pictures shown are exactly of the shoe you will receive and will not be different, therefore you are agreeing to buy a pre-owned product. Refunds will not be given.