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  • Use a desktop
  • Use a FAST internet connection (wired connection if possible)
  • Use Google Autofill (google it if you don't know what it is)
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Go to the Restock Preview and try to pick out multiple kicks you'd be interested in. If you have a list, you can go for the top shoe on your list first, then the second, third, etc.
  • The very top shoes (Free Kicks, Off Whites, Doernbecher, Yeezys) will go very fast. They will draw the most attention and people will spend there first few minutes trying to check those out. While people are going for those, you can be going for other pairs. If you go for other pairs, you will have a MUCH higher chance of securing your pair.
  • Don't use a bot, we will know, your order will be canceled :)
  • Keep an eye on our Instagram story, we will post updates on there. Almost weekly we have to cancel orders due to people breaking rules. We will post rerelease information on our story.

All products on this page are leftover from previous restocks, to see what's coming on this week's restock, make sure to checkout the restock preview

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