Hyped Release Example

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At restock time, all hyped releases will be loaded with 20 variants of the numbers 1-20. You will want to pick a number before anyone else does and go all the way through checkout as if you are buying a product, once someone picks a number it will be sold out. Continue to try and get numbers until all 20 are sold out. ALL TICKETS ARE FREE.

The following rules are here to help make sure EVERYONE can get the steals we provide. Without such rules, a group of customers could purchase ALL of the items and leave others without.

By purchasing any items from KicksOnABudget.com, you are agreeing to the following rules/regulations. By breaking any of the following rules, you are subject to immediate order cancellation and possible suspension from future restocks.

  1. We allow the purchase of a MAXIMUM of ONE shoe between 7pm Eastern and 7:30pm Eastern on Friday's (Restock Time)

  2. We allow the purchase of a MAXIMUM of ONE of the $1 shoes in a 4 week period.

  3. We allow the purchase of ONE item listed as "Apparel/Accessory" between the hours of 7pm Eastern and 8pm Eastern on Friday's (Restock Time)

  4. We allow the purchase of THREE items TOTAL every day.

  5. On "Hyped Releases" you are limited to ONE ticket MAX. If you order more than one, all tickets will be canceled.

Outside of the rules/regulations, you are able to purchase whatever, whenever you'd like!

Due to the limited nature of our products, we DO NOT accept returns of any kind. All sales are final. We will ALWAYS provide plenty of pictures/descriptions for the items we sell that will list any flaws.