Jordan 12 Wings Giveaway

After Thursday's 9/20 restock we will be randomly drawing a name from all of the new subscribers that took advantage of the end of year $19.99 special from today Monday 9/17 until Thursday 9/20 at 7pm Eastern. We will not be selling any tickets for this giveaway, it will be just new subscribers, giving everyone a higher chance. If only 5 new people subscribe, we will still hold this free giveaway, someone will be receiving these for FREE this Thursday.

The End of Year Sale will last for 10 days. From Sep. 17th - Sep. 27th. Everyone who subscribes to the EOY Special will get access to two major giveaways. The first being Jordan 12 Wings. The second being a pair of shoes worth nearly $1000 and a cash prize (two winners), this will take place on the last day of the sale Sep. 27th after the restock. After Sep. 27th, this sale will be gone forever and all subscriptions will go back up to regular price.

TO CONFIRM: This is the EXACT same subscription as any of our full level subscriptions. Whether you get the $3.99/Week, $9.99/Month, $99.99/Year or this subscription, you will have full access to our restocks. The difference is the value of this subscription (price being lower than the others) and the added benefits listed below that you will receive with this subscription.

If you are already subscribed and want in on the giveaway, you MUST buy the end of year special subscription. Once purchased, you can cancel right away, or cancel your old subscription.

For $19.99, you will get access to the following

  • Access to this week's massive Jordan restock
  • Access to every single restock (Thursdays at 7pm) for the rest of 2018
  • Access to weekly $1 kicks, Yeezys at retail, and other unbeatable prices (See our Previous Deals for an idea on prices to come)
  • BIGGEST ADVANTAGE: you will get access to this week's new subscriber giveaway. ONLY people who subscribe this week to the $19.99 subscription will get access, giving you a much higher chance of winning. This week's free new subscriber giveaway will be a Brand New pair of Jordan 12 Wings in a size 9.5 (over $500 value)
  • You will also automatically be entered into next week's new subscriber giveaway as well (9/27). This giveaway will be announced after this week's restock and will have over $1000 in value
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Save Nearly 60%

By taking advantage of our end of year special, you are saving almost 60% on our subscription fee ($3.99/Week) and getting access to the best deals in the world. Once this deal is gone, it is gone. We will not be having this sale on subscriptions again.

What is a KicksOnABudget subscription?

A KicksOnABudget subscription gives you access to our exclusive, members only restocks. These restocks includes anything from free kicks, to $1 kicks, to Yeezys below retail and much much more. Every single Thursday at 7pm Eastern we have a full restock on our Shop Page of everything that is listed on the Restock Preview.

"... Subscription service is a must to get shoes way under market value. And no one does it better than @kicksonabudget!"

- @tonyholes