According to Campless the average price for a DS pair is $800, even a used pair goes for roughly $550.  That being said you do not want to drop that kind of loot and get GOT!  The DB 4's are by far some of the most common fakes on the market as far the DB series goes.  With this comparison I will be showing you how to be able to spot even the best fake on the market.

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According to Campless the average DS price for a pair of Jordan 2 Just Dons is $1,044.
 That is a hefty amount to spend and end up with a pair of fakes.  Recently the market was hit with the "unauthorized" Just Don 2s, which to the naked eye look very close to the retail pair, which means it can be very easy to be fooled out of your money.   No
worries though, because i compiled a full legit check list breaking down the easiest tell tale signs a pair of Just Don 2s is real or if it fake.  
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