The week of January 4th-January 9th will be used as a maintenance week for KicksOnABudget. During this maintenance week, we will be updating the site, adding benefits to your membership, bringing in more inventory for larger restocks and much more.


On Thursday, January 9th we will be making the 2020 KicksOnABudget announcements. As we've done every year for KicksOnABudget members, we take the feedback we have received during the last months/year and upgrade KicksOnABudget as a brand and membership.


Please stay tuned to our Instagram (@kicksonabudget) for updates. In the meantime, we have made every single active subscriber a free shipping code (up to $35 shipping) to make up for the maintenance week. Your shipping code is: "SHIPMAI".

2020 is going to be a great year to be a KicksOnABudget subscriber.