Jordan 11 Low UNC Real vs Fake

Disclaimer: This blog article is in no way, shape, or form condoning or promoting the sale of replicas/non-authentic items. KicksOnABudget provides 100% authentic kicks, and is here to help you avoid buying fake kicks from other sellers. We would like to thank our good friend, @fake_education on Instagram - for the images. Any questions on where to purchase replica items will be ignored.


Jordan 11 Low UNC

Jordan 11 Low "UNC"


Retail: $175

Color: White/University Blue

Style Code: 528895-106


The Box

Jordan 11 Low UNC Real vs Fake

The Tag

The tag on the replica box looks horrible.

Fake Tag: "Multi-color/Multi-color" and "Screen/Screen"

Real Tag: "White/University Blue" and "Blanc/Bleu Carolina"

Along with the wrong wording, the spacing between the style code and "" is off. The real pair is neatly spaced.



Jordan 11 UNC Real vs Fake

On the fake pair, the insoles glow when you shine a UV black light on them. On the real pair, they do not. 

Outer Area

Jordan 11 Low UNC Real vs Fake

Again with the help of a UV black light, you are able to see that on the fake pair, the midsole will glow when exposed to the light. The real pair will NOT glow.



Jordan 11 Low UNC Real vs Fake


This is a subtle difference. If you look closely, the fake pair is more "milky" or less translucent than on the real pair. This is very common amongst fake Jordan 11s. You can see that again below on the toe cap.


Jordan 11 Low UNC


Back of Kicks

Jordan 11 Low UNC Real vs Fake

We saved the best for last. This is the most recognizable tell tale sign with most Jordan 11 lows. The "23" on the heel pad is off on the fake pairs. It is messy and overall unappealing. On the real pair, it is crisp and perfectly placed.


That wraps up the comparison of the Jordan 11 Low UNC Real vs Fake. Hopefully this was sufficient info to prevent you from wasting money on fakes. If you aren't buying from KicksOnABudget, make sure you're checking our blogs for the best insight on what to look for when buying kicks! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out! Make sure you are following us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @KicksOnABudget for future updates!


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