How To Get Supreme Clothing and Accessories For Cheap

Supreme Box Logo Hoodies
Supreme and cheap in the same sentence? Impossible right? Think again.

Since 1994, Supreme has proven King of the streetwear industry with their simple, yet irresistible clothing, hats, and accessories.
Supreme's popularity has given them the power to release clothing that becomes the trend, not the other way around. Competitors have attempted and failed to copy their business plan as they lack an integral part of Supreme's success, the logo.
Despite the attraction of the Supreme logo in our culture today, the problem lies in the fact that it is almost impossible to buy Supreme clothing at retail price. Virtually always, you are forced to pay unreasonable resale prices or even worse, simply cannot afford your desired piece.

KicksOnABudget is the solution to all your street wear challenges

KicksOnABudget introduced Supreme apparel on their first restock of 2017, and it was a major hit. People loved it. This is because KicksOnABudget makes rocking 100% authentic Supreme gear affordable. At last, you will not be forced to wait in lines or pay excessive retail prices for a product. You can now buy Supreme gear for up to 70% less than market value.
 Supreme Box Logo Cheap

Examples of our pricing:

Supreme Box Logo Hoodie (2016 release): $300 | Market value: $600+
Supreme Box Logo 20th anniversary Tee: $99 | Market value: $400+
Supreme Morissey Tee: $99 | Market value: $250+
This is just the short list, to give you an idea behind our ongoing mission to provide you with affordable Supreme.

How can this be possible?

We set out 5 years ago to change the sneaker world. We had a vision to significantly reduce popular sneaker prices for our customers. That is exactly what we have done.
From selling over 100 pairs for $1 (on our weekly restocks), to selling Yeezys for $200, we have forever changed the way thousands of people buy sneakers. No longer, do you have to spend $200+ to rock your favorite Jordans.
It's now 2017, and we are setting out to revolutionize the apparel resell industry. We are here to bring prices to our customers that they can afford. As of this post, we will be providing bi-weekly restocks of the freshest apparel and accessories from brands such as Supreme, Palace, Bape, Kith, AntiSocialSocialClub, Kanye and more.
Supreme Box Logo Cheap

How do I get in on this?

We charge a small fee to give you exclusive access to our restocks. This small fee makes it possible for us to sell items at incredibly low price. Below are our different packages:
Weekly: $3.99
Monthly: $9.99
Yearly: $99.99
You can cancel at anytime. No contracts. No additional fees.

Once subscribed, you will have full access to our bi-weekly apparel drops, and our weekly sneakers drops. To see the items coming every week, you will visit the Restock Preview, where we always keep you updated on what is coming out.

If you are interested in learning more, please head over to our Home Page, where you can read more on the BudgetLetter and what we have to offer!


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