How Hyped Release Work

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Hyped Releases are what we call kicks that we sell at a MEGA steal. Such as Yeezys for Retail, $1 kicks, Free shoes and more. Before I get into telling you how a hyped release works, let me tell you why we made hyped releases separate from regular releases.

Why Hyped Releases?

If you've been involved in the sneaker game even a little bit the last few years, you know that getting a limited shoe online has become nearly impossible due to bots. At KicksOnABudget, we hate bots (unless we're using them to get steals for you), so we do everything we possibly can to combat bots and make purchasing kicks from us as fair as possible; and for the most part, we have done that pretty successfully. But, when it comes to our top steals, we want to make sure everyone gets a shot, so we go the extra mile to make it 100% impossible for a bot to guarantee someone a pair of shoes. And that brings us to:

How Do Hyped Releases Work?

On restock day (Friday), at 7pm Eastern, we load all products from the Restock Preview to the Shop Page EXCEPT FOR HYPED RELEASES. We will post a link to each hyped release product on the Hyped Releases Page, EACH HYPED RELEASE WILL HAVE IT'S OWN PAGE. When hyped releases occur, the following happens:

  • Each hyped release page will have between 5-20 duplicate products on it. Each product will be that of the hyped release page you are on. There will be one difference between the products, only one product will have numbers available for checkout (ticket numbers), once you find the product with the numbers, you will pick a number and checkout with it. Each number can only be checked out one time total, therefore you need to be the first to check out with it. EACH NUMBER IS FREE, THEY WILL NEVER COST MONEY. They are simply there for you to get a chance to buy the kicks (or win them if they are free)

  • Each person is allowed ONE ticket max when getting tickets for hyped releases. If there are 3 hyped releases you must choose ONE hyped product to get a ticket for. If this rule is broken, all of your tickets will be canceled and re-released. Continually breaking this rule may result in suspension of your account. Absolutely zero acceptions to this rule, we must keep it fair for everyone and refuse to give an unfair balance to anyone. 

  • After all tickets are claimed, we will upload a video to our Instagram Story (@kicksonabudget) of a random drawing from the people who got a ticket to determine the winner. We will have separate videos for each winner.


Exact Steps:

  1. Go to the Hyped Releases Page
  2. Click which hyped release you want, you will see a link for it
  3. Be on the hyped release page of the hyped release you want by 6:59pm Eastern on Friday
  4. When the clock hits 7pm Eastern, begin refreshing over and over until products pop up
  5. Once products pop up, click on each product until you find one with numbers you can add to cart
  6. Add the number to cart and checkout
  7. From there, we will do a drawing on our Instagram story to choose a random number


We have made 4 dummy products on the main Hyped Releases Page which will be identical to the page you will see when trying to get your hyped release, the only difference is there will be between 5-20 different products for you to go through. Once you find the product with numbers available, check out with whichever number you want! Once all numbers are claimed, we will upload videos to our Instagram Story (@kicksonabudget) of a random drawing for the winners.


With that, that is how Hyped Releases work at KicksOnABudget. We came up with this to help you, the sneakerhead looking for steals, have a better chance of getting never before seen steals. If you have any ideas to improve the process, we are always listenting!


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  • Roberta Fenton

    Why when is it when I click on a hyped release and add it to my cart does it say 100,000? When I go to How a hyped release works it says nothing about 100,000

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