First No Restock Friday in Years

After over 100 consecutive Friday's of KicksOnABudget putting out steals, our streak will come to a brief stop this Friday (January 5th), the first Friday of 2018. We built our business around consistency, customer service, and our dedication to getting our customers' favorite kicks in their hands without overspending. With that dedication in mind, we realized in late 2017 that we needed to make some minor and some major tweaks to our site in time for the new year that would add even more value to KicksOnABudget subscriber's lives.

Here are the tweaks we have made:

  • More inventory
  • $5 off next week's purchase with code "2018"
  • Bigger restocks
  • Automatic access on site when you subscribe
  • A brand new site
  • Cheaper international shipping (will be officially announced in the next week)
  • Faster shipping, guaranteed shipment within 24 hours of order.
  • Upgraded customer support team, get most questions answered in minutes
  • More free shoes, $1 kicks, and Yeezys for retail for KicksOnABudget subscribers, weekly
  • More giveaways for our followers/customers

We have hit every change perfectly, except one - getting set up on time. On January 2nd, 2018 we planned to have our shipping station's move from Indiana to Boulder, CO finalized. In the transition phase (the 2-3 days after the previous restock), our packages with the bulk of our inventory got held up for reasons that are still unknown. Delivery should have occurred on Tuesday (the 2nd) instead, we are sitting here on Thursday night hoping they arrive tomorrow (Friday the 5th) - restock day. We held out all week in our decision to do a restock or not in hopes that our shipment would get to our new location in Colorado at any time. Unfortunately, the shipment has not arrived in time.

With that, we decided that there is no way we can bring you all a quality restock with the possibility that some items won't show up in time, which makes us not be able to take pictures of shoes and show you the condition of the shoe you would be buying. Instead, we made the hard decision to postpone the restock.

With this postponement, comes some big positives:

  • Double the restock next week + Supreme
  • Free Gold Supreme Uptempo on next restock
  • Yeezys for retail on next restock
  • Free pair of Huarache in any size
    • For this week only, you will be able to lock in a KicksOnABudget subscription at a price never seen before, and will most likely never been seen after this week. Once you lock in these rates, you will be grandfathered in at this all time low price and your rates will never raise. See below.

The restock preview will be updated by Saturday, Jan 6th at 7pm Eastern. We look forward to bringing you the biggest restock we've ever done, and providing you with steals ALL of 2018. 


  • Shaan Brar

    Really appreciate what y’all are doing for community, keep it up! Hoping i can grab something next week

  • Keshawn Woodson

    I didn’t have to pay you guys haven’t been charging me for like 3 months are you guys gonna make me pay again can I still keep my free subscribion I’ve bought over 4 pair of kicks off you guys I’m a loyal customer

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