Real VS. Fake Nike Flyknit Racer "Hyper Punch"

Here is a full breakdown of a Real VS. Fake Nike Flyknit Racer "Hyper Punch".  Most people associate fake sneakers with Jordans and Yeezys mostly, people forget the market is flooded with regular nikes as well.  Some would look at this type of shoe and wonder why there is even a fake, well in the business of fakes it is all about supply and demand.  Anything with flyknit is in demand.  Even though this sneaker does not cost much in some people's eyes, you still do not spend $150 or so dollars and get a $40 fake.  To the naked eye, these look very similar, but with closer inspection you will see all of the tell tale signs of how to spot a fake.
Part 1. Blue Area shows the nike swoosh on the fakes is angled so high it almost touches the ankle collar.  Yellow area shows the black paint job on the midsole of the fakes does not have the wavy curve.  Pink area shows the green lines of the flyknit on the fakes are angled at a different directional pattern.
Part 2.  Blue areas show where the 3 opposite collar flyknit lines are totally different on the fakes.
Part 3.  Blue area shows where the ankle collar is, on the fakes it does not blend in, it more stands out and the pattern is not as tightly knitted.
Part 4.  Blue area shows how much larger the ventilation holes are on the toe box of the real pair.  Black area shows how the flyknit pattern runs more vertical on the fakes, but when you look at the real pair the pattern runs more horizontal.

Part 5.  Blue area shows the fabric used for the insole is different on the fakes.  Red area shows the font used for "ROAD" on the fakes is a different font.
Part 6. The yellow area shows the nike swoosh on the fakes is not as full.  Blue area shows the green flyknit pattern runs on a different angle on the fake pair.


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