How to Get Cheap Shoes

Since KicksOnABudget was created, the number one question that stuck in our business model was, how can we provide the best quality service from the time the customer logs onto our site, until the time they were lacing up their kicks, and have the best prices on the market?

This question lingered for a while as we tried different ways to impress customers with cheap prices and high-quality service, but we couldn't quite figure it out. One day, out of nowhere, the idea for the BudgetLetter hit us. If we can charge a monthly subscription of $9.99 a month, we could sell a shoe  that is worth $200 for $150 or less. Now it took us a while to get the BudgetLetter off of the ground. Several failures and tons of work later we are here, providing shoes that are cheaper, in the best condition, and providing the best customer service possible all thanks to a small $9.99 a month fee.

Now with a great service comes not only followers, but imitators. These imitators have done nothing but helped to improve the BudgetLettter; they keep us on our toes and push us to provide more shoes, cheaper shoes, and even better service. Just recently we introduced our new shipping rate of $5, less than half the price of our original $13 shipping rate. Along with the shipping drop, we are going to be introducing many brand new aspects to the BudgetLetter, but those will be revealed later on.


How to cop shoes, for cheap:

1. Sign up for a FREE account on our website HERE

Super easy, just give your first and last name, email and create a password. Then you also have access to all of our extremely educational blogs written by @Fake_Education

2. Subscribe to the BudgetLetter

Only $9.99, trust me, it's worth it. Learn more by reading How It Works

3. Wait for access, usually within the hour you will have access

We give access manually to make it impossible for outsiders to purchase shoes, making it truly limited to BudgetLetter subscribers only

4. On day of restock, go nuts and save

Restocks always occur at 7PM Eastern. The shoes will pop up at 7 on the restock page. You can buy as many pairs you want, and shipping is a flat rate of $5 per pair!


If you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact us via email at


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    do you ship to australia and how much is it

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