Real vs Fake Jordan 6 Cigar

According to Campless the going rate for a pair of ds Jordan 6 Cigars is roughly $384.  The fakes are very similar to the naked eye and very easy to get scammed with if you do not know what to look for.  So $400 is a chunk of change to get fooled.  But in this comparison I will give you the few easiest tell tale signs so you know the difference between a real and a fake pair of Cigar 6's.



Part 1.  First thing you should do is look at the rings.  The fake pair comes with circle "diamonds" and the real pair comes with square "diamonds".


Part 2.  The engraved logo is no where near as bold on the back heel of the fakes as it is on a real pair.  Also, the fakes come with black  cardboard inserts, the real pair came with white.


Part 3.  I normally do not focus on boxes much, but an easy immediate sign that you may have a fake is if the box comes extremely damaged.  That is normal with fakes because they are stored in a sloppy manner and the shipping process is very long so it gets damaged along the way, also most replica resellers ship shoes without being double boxed.




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  • Magnificent

    Yo, I copped a pair from ebay. Everything checks out 100% from the rings, to the crest on back, to the white cardboard inserts, shapes of the collars, box with QC sticker dead center on bottom, and overall quality of the shoe. Craziest thing about them is it had no perforated retail price tag under the size on box, and inside shoe tag had “9999999999” on bottom left, under the barcode. Whats good with it? He said he got em straight from nike. Thoughts?

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