Real vs Fake Jordan 6 Infrared 23

According to Campless a DS pair goes for $300, even a lightly used pair goes for $250.  Do you want to spend that kind of money and get a fake? Nah, I didn't think so.  Honestly the high quality fakes are very hard to differentiate from a real pair, but this guide will show you the key details to look for so it makes it easy to spot the difference.




Part 1.  The lace lock on the fake pair is cloudy, but the lace lock on the real pair is clear.



Part 2.  The overall craftsmanship of the stitching on the back heel is not as clean on the fake pair.  Most noticeable on the "AIR" which is highlighted in green.  Also, you can tell the size of the jumpman is a little smaller on the fakes and is placed a little lower.  The arm of the jumpman on the fakes is alot shorter.


Part 3.  Green area shows where the holes run in a straight line on the real pair, they run on a curved angle on the fakes.  White arrow shows the holes on the pod are smaller and the placement is wrong on the fakes.  Blue arrow shows the diamond stitch pattern is very sloppy on the fakes, then when you look at the real pair you see it is very clean, straight and even.


Part 4.  The outsole of the real pair is very icey blue.  The fakes is a very light tint and is more translucent clear. 




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