Real vs Fake Jordan 6 DB

According to Campless the average price for a DS pair of Jordan 6 DB's is $839, that's a car note and house payment.  You feel like dropping that and getting a pair of fakes? Nah, I didn't think so.  This break down will show you every key detail so you can spot a fake, and so you do not spend almost a grand and end up with a pair of fu fu DB 6's. 


Part 1. From the naked eye these look almost identical.  Key word is almost.


Part 2.  Green area shows you that the two panels connect almost right at the midsole on the real pair, but on the fake pair they meet alot higher.  Also, the placement of the " 06/08" is alot lower on the real pair.

Part 3.  Green area shows that the two panels meet at the midsole on the fake pair.  But there is a clear separation on the real pair.  Also, the "04/09" is placed alot lower on the real pair.

Part 4.  The DB tag on the inside of the tongue is placed higher on the real pair.


Part 5.  The pattern and spacing of the ventilation holes on the pod on the upper are completely different on the fakes.



Part 6.  The stitching on the back heel is way off on the fakes when you take a closer look.  The outer ring is not as thick on the fakes.  Also, the "1" is not as big on the fakes, notice how fair the bottom and top of the "1" are from the ring.  Very easy to spot when you know to look.  You can also tell the craftsmanship of the heel pad is terrible on the fakes compared to the real pair.

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