Real vs Fake Jordan 4 DB


According to Campless the average price for a DS pair is $800, even a used pair goes for roughly $550.  That being said you do not want to drop that kind of loot and get GOT!  The DB 4's are by far some of the most common fakes on the market as far the DB series goes.  With this comparison I will be showing you how to be able to spot even the best fake on the market.



Part 1.  To the naked eye there is no difference here, but if you look closer you will see the ends of the Superman logo almost touch the stitch lines on the left and right on the retail pair.  Then look at the fake and you will see there is a clear separation.


Part 1.5-2. Another look to part one.  Now when you look down on the Superman logo on the tongue you will see red on the fake pair.  On the real pair you do not see this.

Part 3.  The angle/tilt of his head is way off on the fakes.

Part 4.  The "AIR JORDAN" tag on the inside of the tongue is longer on the fakes.

Part 5.  The arrow design is alot more defined on the fakes, also the fakes have a widows peak on the toe cap.


Part 6.  The size tag on the inside sock liner is positioned a lot higher on the real pair.

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  • luke

    the first seven parts all show that the db’s I have are real except it doesn’t have a size tag at all

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