Real vs Fake Jordan 2 Just Don

According to Campless the average DS price for a pair of Jordan 2 Just Dons is $1,044.  That is a hefty amount to spend and end up with a pair of fakes.  Recently the market was hit with the "unauthorized" Just Don 2s, which to the naked eye look very close to the retail pair, which means it can be very easy to be fooled out of your money.   No worries though, because i compiled a full legit check list breaking down the easiest tell tale signs a pair of Just Don 2s is real or if it fake.  

Real pair via JonAllon80

Part 1.  Both the green and red arrows show the 2 panels that have completely different cuts and shape on the fake pair.



Part 2. The red arrows show how on the retail pair, the size tag has a white border.  Then look at the fake pair and you will see there is no white border.  Also, the font is bolder on the fake size tag,

Part 3. Green area shows the suede on the upper is significantly a lighter hue of blue on the real pair. The fake pair features a very vibrant piston blue suede.

Part 4.  Green area shows the difference of the logo on the insole.  Notice how neat and symmetrical the logo is on the real pair.  Then notice how off center it is on the fake pair.  There is also almost no white space around the black dotted circle on the fake pair.

Part 5.  The dust bag air jordan wings logo is massive on the fake dust bag. 

Part 6.  The box label of the fakes has wrong and misspelled information and no color code.  There is also a white border around the fake box label.

Part 7.  Once again it is easy to see how much different the color of the blue suede is on the fakes when looking at the tongue.  The real pair has a lighter dull blue while the fakes is very vibrant.

Part 8.  The "JUST DON" tag behind the tongue has incorrect placement and is on a slant on the fake pair.  The "JUST DON" is also smaller on the fake tag.


Part 9. The "Nike" on the back heel looks faded on the fakes, is not centered on the heel tab panel on the fake pair as it is on the real pair, also there is no stitching around the "Nike" on the fake pair like there is on the real pair.


Part 10. The green highlighted area shows where the real pair has 4 plastic lace fasteners, then look at the fakes and you will see there is only 3 lace fasteners.


  • rilibly


  • rilibly

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  • Daniel

    How about 10.5 have 3 plastic lace

  • Robert

    Here are official images from sneakernews

  • Robert

    Hi there,

    Just a correction on pointer 10. Smaller size pairs have only 3 lace fasteners whereas larger sizes like 11 and above have 4 plastic lace fasteners.

    Just letting you know.



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