Fake Jordan 10 OVO Flooding The Market

With all of the "Unauthorized" (highest quality replicas) on the market right now, it has turned the highly anticipated Jordan 10 OVO release into what appears to be a GR. Which in fact it was not a GR release.  There has been an abundance of shady resellers with 30-40 pairs on hand. How?

When some of the most well known, trusted and respected resellers have had a tough time themselves having more than a handful of pairs. Fakes is the answer.  

I will be doing a comparison of a retail pair verse an "Unauthorized" pair within the next few days breaking down all the angles so even the average consumer can be an expert at spotting a fake pair.  Also, the flood of fakes has ruined the value of the OVO 10's.  

Early projections valued them at roughly $1,000-1,200. But alot of people selling the fakes have been selling them for $500-$600, so it creates the illusion that that is the value.  It also forces the hand of people who want to sell their legit retail pairs for that amount because that is what appears to be the market value.  

Some people may think this is great because it lowers the resale value which means costs the consumer who missed out on the release to buy for alot less than they should.  But it is never a good thing that fakes are being sold as real and for the value of real pairs.  But not to worry, I will be dropping the comparison on my instagram @Fake_Education within the next few days. So for all of you who are looking to purchase the OVO 10's, you will have a guide so you do not end up purchasing a fake, and also for all of you who have already purchased a pair you will be able to see whether you have a real or fake pair.  If you did unknowingly purchase a fake, then you will have my comparison to use as proof and pursue a refund from the seller you purchased from.  Stay tuned to stay educated.


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