BEWARE Fake 350 Yeezy Boost "Pirate Black" Info

The Yeezy Boosts is one of the most sought after sneakers on the resale market. With that being said, it is quite obvious that they are one of the most produced on the replica market as well. The higher the demand and resale value always means the harder the replica manufacturers work on perfecting their fakes.

Fake yeezy boost 350 pirate blackFake yeezy boost 350 pirate black

There is a handful of factories in China producing them right now, so there is multiple "versions" of these fakes.  One company in particular is rumored to have direct access to the machines and materials used to produce the retail pairs.

I purchased a pair from this company and did a side by side comparison with a retail pair on my Instagram @Fake_Education and the two were identical in every way possible, excluding one small flaw on the heel tab and lack of proper in store receipt.

Fake yeezy boost 350 pirate blackFake Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Black

I will be doing comparisons on each different "version" so the sneaker community can be educated on how to spot a fake. I highly advise staying up to date with my instagram and now my blog posts, last thing you want to do is spend $800 on a pair of PB 350s and end up with a $100 fake.


Fake yeezy boost 350 pirate blackFake yeezy boost 350 pirate blackFake yeezy boost 350 pirate black



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  • Chris L

    @corey Vaughan of course that website is fake. Learn more about fake sellers and what to look for in websites, and you’ll be able to tell in 5 seconds if a site is legit or not. Unless they’re a well-known consignment store, nobody is going to have a full size run of Banned 1s. Even having a full size run of Shattered Backboard 1s is suspect enough to tell you that website is fake. It used to be easy enough to just look at prices, but now these scumbag scammer sites are starting to use more accurate pricing. Luckily, they still can’t resist listing a full size run in the hopes for more people to scam.

    If you want to buy shoes that cost hundreds of dollars, I suggest you do a lot more research before shopping from places that aren’t authorized retailers (like Nikestore, Foot Locker, etc.), otherwise there’s a good chance you’ll get got. The good news is there’s so much info out there and it’s pretty easy to learn how to spot fakes and fake websites, so long as you put the few hours of research in. It’ll be well worth it, if you’re serious about getting into sneakers.

    Chris L

  • corey Vaughan

    So I have a question I came across the ig page called east-end co and they sell yezzy boost nikes and Jordan’s ans things but I can’t tell if they real or not can you help

  • 8point5collector

    Biggest difference I see in all replicas no matter how good they might be is the box itself. Seems all replicas come with oversized bigger boxes. Not sure if they do that intentionally or if that’s a simple oversight they don’t care about.

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